The Injector Perfector


The Ultimate in Ultrasonic Fuel Injection Servicing


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Each injector receives:

  1. Ohm Test... each injector is ohm tested to factory specifications. (Out of spec injectors are discarded.)

  2. Current Draw Test... each injector is tested with current applied to test for draw in amperes to load injector winding and look for failure hot & cold.

  3. Leak Test... each injector is leak tested at manufacturers system pressure.

  4. Injector Operation and Spray Pattern... injector is flowed at different flow rates and visual spray pattern output is tested.

  5. Injector Flow Rate (Prior to Cleaning)... all injectors receive flow bench test for delivered fuel quantities.

  6. Ultrasonic Cleaning and Back Flushing... injectors are ultrasonically cleaned and backflushed.

  7. Injector Flow Rate (After Cleaning)... injectors are again flow bench tested for volume and spray pattern. A dramatic improvement is usually noticed in flow and overall pattern.

  8. Injector Screens, End Caps, and O-Rings are Replaced.

  9. Injector Service Report... shows both pre-test and post-test plus percentage increase per injector.


Every injector is spray and flow matched to within 2% of the other injectors, not the "standard" 10% that others do.


All our work is absolutely guaranteed!

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